Moolah Media's Android SDK Integrates With AdWhirl

Article by Carolyn J. Dawson - January 24, 2011

Moolah Media, a leading mobile performance marketing company focused on lead generation and customer acquisition, has recently announced the launch of an Android SDK which can integrate seamlessly with AdWhirl.
The launch is part of the company's expansion plan into Google's (News - Alert) Android OS Mobile platform. The new Android SDK will enable Android publishers to profit by publishing mobile apps and mobile web, enabling them to earn higher pay outs and obtaining 100% fill rates. Moolah's network is beneficial to both publishers and advertisers who can get real-time reporting on impressions, clicks, calls or form submits, among other options.
Moolah Media, since its inception in November 2010, has been led by industry veterans enabling the company to lead the industry with its proprietary mobile advertising platform. Moolah Media provides its customers with an interactive and informative buying experience, advertisers with quality leads, registrations and sales, and publishers with reliable monetization of their valuable inventory. Moolah has achieved 150 million impressions and has generated 300,000 paid leads each month through its performance-based ads. Moolah provides highest pay outs, ad formats, analytics, breadth of offers, and 100% fill rate.
Moolah has focused on Android as the market research shows that Android has been steadily gaining popularity in the smart phones sector, and has been edging out iPhone (News - Alert) from the U.S. smart phone subscribers. Moolah's pay-per-performance work model enables advertisers to pay for viewership, clicks as well as actual leads.
Advertisers can use the network to drive inbound calls directly to their call center, collect signups and registration leads, and track conversions using Moolah's real-time reporting. This can be benefited by Moolah's generation of thousands of quality leads from inbound calls, web forms and interactive SMS, every month. Moolah provides lead generation, targeting & analytics, ad formats, and pricing for advertisers.
In a release, the CEO and co-founder of Moolah Media, Mr. Shawn Scheuer, said, "Moolah uses its network to optimize revenue and monetize mobile inventory within apps, on the mobile web, and in mobile messages. This is nothing short of an explosion of publisher interest in better monetization of Android (News - Alert) content. While Android has built a sizeable consumer base, the need for better revenue solutions is glaringly apparent and offers a great opportunity for our publisher and advertiser base."