Mobile performance ad network Moolah Media officially launches

Article by Dusan Belic - December 14, 2010

There's a new player in the mobile marketing sky - Moolah Media, which today officially exits the stealth mode to announce its already successful performance-based ad platform. The company soft-launched a month ago and since then has served 100 million impressions while generating over 250,000 leads.
Unlike existing mobile ad networks, Moolah runs performance-based ads, ensuring 100% fill rates and higher payouts for publishers. In addition, they don't serve its ads only in apps and mobile web pages - SMS and voice channels are also included in the mix!
Advertisers on their end can serve offers to their target audience while tracking campaigns for each traffic source. Moreover, there's an option to drive inbound calls directly to their call center, collect signups and registration leads, and track conversions via real-time reports.
In terms of supported platforms, Android and iOS are on the list at the moment, but I'm sure other emerging operating systems will be added in the near future...