How many calls do your mobile ads generate? Moolah launches tracking service

Article by Clan O'Sullivan - March 14, 2010

Moolah Media is a relatively new mobile advertising platform that launched in late January (see our report). It’s based around the idea that a mobile ad should entice the consumer to perform an action, rather than just being a passive eyeball. Now it has expanded its platform to include real-time tracking and reporting on any calls that your Moolah campaign generates.
What’s the story?
The ideal interaction that Moolah is pursuing is this: they put an advertisers ad on their network. A consumer sees the ad, and is interested enough in the product/service to click-through. This leads through to a mobile landing page that gives the consumer all the information they need to actually call the advertiser. Rather than just raising awareness, Moolah sees its ads as a means to putting the consumer in direct contact with their advertisers.
The question is how effective is this? And that’s what Moolah is trying to provide an answer for with today’s launch.
Real-time call tracking
Moolah currently claims to be generating over 250,000 calls every month for its advertisers. The new feature allows it to track those calls (all anonymous, of course), and provide reports to the advertisers with info like:
  • How many people saw the banner?
  • Of those how many clicked-through, submitted a form and made a call?
  • How long are the phone calls on average?
  • How many were unique, or from the same person?
  • How many calls were made that an advertiser didn't answer?
Shawn Scheuer, CEO of Moolah says “this is an excellent opportunity for our advertisers to accurately determine which call campaigns are most effective. Through offering this transparency of information, advertisers have control of their campaigns, and publishers can determine the best way to monetize their apps and Mobile Web sites.”
What we think?
It has always seemed to me that this is one aspect of mobile advertising that isn’t really taken advantage of enough – the ability to make a phone call. If someone is seeing your ad on a mobile, then they automatically have the ability to phone you… their phone is already in their hand. Every single mobile ad, in any format, should include an action-to-call.