3 tools that may ease mobile integration

Article by Kristina Knight - March, 2010

First, a new option from Moolah Media which allows those in the mobile space - from marketers to publishers - to include real-time call reporting. With the tool brands can create mobile campaigns which track interactions from the banner impression through the click to an interaction, including inbound calls.
The second is an actual tool from Adobe Labs which gives brands the ability to convert Flash to HTML5. Called Wallaby, the application gives mobile developers to convert files through drag-and-drop options. Why is this important? Because some smart-devices do not recognize Flash - include Apple's game-changing iPhone and iPad units. Having this type of automatic conversion makes it easier to expand how apps and other mobile content types are distributed.
Finally, the mobile web, which is neither a new tool or a new platform. The mobile web has been around since the beginning of mobile, and yet many developers, brands and publishers have chosen the app route rather than the mobile web route. According to itsmy CEO Antonio Vince Staybl this is a mistake.
Staybl believes, especially for mobile game developers, that the mobile web is the best option because it has open standards, it doesn't require that developers come up with a platform for their game for a number of different operating systems and because games can be published within a few minutes rather than waiting days or months for an app to be published.
"For mobile browser games and virtual currency you can select the preferred payment partner and pricing as well as integrate as many methods as needed," writes Staybl. "Updates and changes are possible any time on-the-fly...[and] the progress of mobile browser technology is enabling new gaming options and features like HTML5, jQuery, location, video, audio."