Moolah's turn key platform simplifies the transition to mobile affiliate marketing

With more and more quality inventory going mobile, now is the right time for affiliates to expand in the mobile space. Moolah's proprietary platform removes the inherent complexities of mobile marketing and allows affiliates to concentrate on producing results.

Moolah Media Advantages

Highest Payouts: The Moolah network boasts the highest converting mobile browser, application, and offers available anywhere.

Ad Formats: Moolah supports all mobile ad formats including mobile web, mobile apps, and voice channels. Learn more

Intelligent Ad Serving: Moolah eliminates guess work by automatically showing the optimal ad format matched by the device capability, network, and a variety of targeting criteria.

Lead Generation: Moolah is more than just impressions and clicks. We generate hundreds of thousands of quality leads for our advertisers every month from inbound calls and web forms. Learn more

Analytics: Moolah allows you to track impressions, clicks, submits, and calls, while measuring performance metrics by device type, and carrier all in real time.

Breadth of Offers: Whether your traffic skews young, old, male, female, prime or subprime, we have the offers that your users want. The breadth of the Moolah Media network ensures that your users continue to see fresh content even on high usage sites.